About Us

Woof and Meow Pet Care is owned and managed, by Bruce Fondren, a long time Boston area resident. This is Mr. Fondren’s second pet care operation dating back to 1998. Currently serving the Jamaica Plain and Roslindale neighborhoods, Woof and Meow maintains a solid reputation of providing superior quality pet care to a large and always expanding client base ( growing even further with the anticipated coverage of the Back Bay and South End, starting soon). The foundation for which the business is built upon is Mr. Fondren’s simple philosophy,

” As a pet owner, my ultimate goal is to offer and provide the caliber of services that I would require and demand for my own pets.”

When structuring Woof and Meow, he took his notion a step further, by creating an unique discount approach catered to Senior Pets, something Bruce found missing in the landscape of his Boston area pet care field.

” My two dogs are over ten years old, and require special attention and patience. After some research, I soon realized that hardly any other service seemed to recognize the need for the elders,  so with empathy and compassion for my “old pups”, I designed our Senior Pet Discount Program, for all those with my similar circumstances would search no further.”

The Seniors program being one cornerstone of the business, the crew at Woof and Meow also specialize in; Canine and Feline pet sitting services, the ever popular Daily Dog walks, and just as they do for the eldest dogs their Puppy rates are discounted as well. There are many whom consider Fondren’s approach to rate structuring unique, he insists when questioned about a missing page for service fees/rates, his is more a common sense approach,

” So many pet care providers, insert/advertise price menus for their services, which in my eyes takes away from the true vision of individual owner and pet needs. The reasoning behind consultations, are the ability to determine and evaluate variables such as; pet size and age, breed, energy level, personality, and more…to factor the best rate. For example, I could never fairly assess the same service dollar amount towards a mature minature breed compared with that of an over-sized, active younger class canine. In my business prior and this current operation, the application of unstructured pricing has been mutually rewarding for the pet owners and my own peace of mind.”

At Woof and Meow, providing “excellent care” for dogs and cats, coupled with a pet owner’s concept of “customer service and safety standards,” has made them a popular destination for pet owners seeking these attributes. When new clients sign-up, they join the “Paw Pack,” and their owners recieve a few perks too.. as Bruce Fondren describes,

” When people inquire about our success, my answer is simple, we have the greatest clients! Having been in this business for awhile, great concepts and offerings are essential, but your truly only as good as those you are surrounded by; Cody a senior whose been with me past business and currently, our now grown-up pups Kali and Rudy, my longtime gang of Woofs- Damon, Joia, Lavan, Marlin, Medo, Mo, Sterling, some newbies Scout, Sam, Stan, Brinkley,Gracie, Wallis..and many more..add to that our Meow crowd; Tuna, Soba, Toby, Abby, Jack, Ella, Tipsy, Ouzo, Allie, Spike, and Miss Kitty to name a few. Having such a large and loyal clientele, I feel compelled to offer gestures of appreciation, so we have a ” Refer a Client Gift”, our famous” Borrow Walks”, and my favorite, ” Support Your Client’s Charity,” offering. As a business the synergy of great patrons makes you successful, however, being able to give something back to my clients and those in the community is equally rewarding at Woof and Meow.”

So now that business details and ownership comments have been provided, please tour the website to learn more, enjoy all those Paw Pack pictures, shortly afterwards feel free to schedule a complimentary consultation at your convenience, so that information about future “woof or meow” services and offerings may be explored.